Sadie Robertson Reveals She Was Cheated On

Sadie Robertson Reveals She Was Cheated On | Country Music Videos

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In her second video of her 10-week Live Original YouTube series, Sadie Robertson tackled the holiday that has been on everyone’s minds: Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day has turned into a day where people in relationships shower each other with presents to remind the other how much they are loved. 

For Robertson, the holiday hasn’t always been so grand. In fact, she admits, “I have had Valentine’s days where I felt very alone.

One Valentine’s Day in particular, she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her while she was out of town.

“We try to create this super sexy day and we put so much pressure on this one day to feel loved, and if we don’t feel loved by a guy or a girl, we just say we hate [Valentine’s Day]. I don’t think that is fair because I think that we have this opportunity that the world is acknowledging a day of love and if you’re a Christian, you now that Jesus’ whole message was love,” she explains. “For me, honestly I’ve had some crappy Valentine’s Days, don’t get me wrong. I actually found out one time that my boyfriend was cheating on me ON Valentine’s Day at a movie with another girl. I got a picture sent to me of him kissing the other girl with the Valentine’s Day present he said he got me. For real. But do I hate Valentine’s Day? No.”

Her heart was broken, but instead of hating the holiday where she suddenly felt most alone, she’s decided to embrace it because that’s what God would want her to do. Instead of focusing on love from or for a significant other, she’s focusing on loving her friends and her family.

She doesn’t exactly go into details about when this happened or who it was with, but around Valentine’s Day last year (2016), Sadie was in New York walking in Sherri Hill’s fashion show for New York Fashion Week. She also was in a relationship with longtime boyfriend, Blake Coward.

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Us Weekly confirmed their split in March 2016. Other than Coward, her other public relationship was with football player Trevor Knight.

Watch her video about loving Valentine’s Day, even after she hated it, below.

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