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Sheryl Crow Opens Up On Frightening Breast Cancer Diagnosis And New Perspective On Life

Sheryl crow Songs | Sheryl Crow Opens Up On Frightening Breast Cancer Diagnosis And New Perspective On Life | Country Music Videos
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The "Soak Up The Sun" singer, Sheryl Crow, did just that when her dreaded, and almost cancelled on her behalf, mammogram showed unexpected results that would ultimately send Crow through 7 weeks of radiation. She sat down with one of TV's favorite reporters, Katie Couric, to dish on that heartbreaking phone call from her doctor and how she has since then publicly urged woman to make their health a priority! 

Crow, 9 time Grammy Award winner, and Couric kicked off their interview by addressing the month of October as "Breast Cancer Awareness Month", serving as a great opportunity to transition into Crow's memory of her 2006 diagnosis. Crow, who had made her diagnosis public as a platform to plea with women to schedule that desperately unwanted mammogram, prompted Couric to ask, "Do you remember what it was like to hear [the diagnosis] for the first time?" 

"I remember vividly. In fact, it was a very hectic time... There was just a lot of stuff going on, and I had this scheduled mammogram and I really didn't want to do it. And I wound up going and doing it because I knew I was gonna have to wait to get another one and I was in the middle of things so I went. They called and said 'We found something that is suspect; schedule to come back in six months,' and my primary care doctor called and said 'My mother is going through breast cancer treatment. Do not wait six months. It could be the different in Stage 0 or Stage 2.'" 

Crow opted for a lumpectomy to remove the suspect, followed by 7 weeks of radiation. 

"The treatment was actually not taxing," she confessed. "It was actually everything else around it. It was a defining moment for me to say, 'I cannot fix this. I'm the only one that can take care of myself. I cannot make anyone else feel okay. I can't help people through it. This is mine." 

The singer explained how she found her escape from the chaos through music, as she has done so successfully throughout her life.  

Couric continued with, "It was also an opportunity to say 'yes'. You wanted a family, and was that the impetus in terms of adopting the boys?" referencing Crow's two adopted sons, Wyatt and Levi.

The doting mother explained her groundbreaking epiphany that lead her to the route of adoption, claiming that she had followed a strict life plot that mandated she fall in love and get married in order to have the family experience complete with children. However, upon her diagnosis, Crow decided that she was in no way required to live her life by the rules that others had imposed on her, ultimately making the decision to be a mother blessed with two beautiful sons. 

Since her diagnosis back in 2006, Crow has since become a paid spokesperson for the Hologic, a company in which "develop[s] life-changing technologies and solutions designed to drive clinical performance and help patients live longer, stronger and healthier lives." Crow emphasizes that an early diagnosis is "the best weapon" in the fight against breast cancer, urging woman commit to routine exams for their benefit. 

As far as her musical collaborations were concerned, Crow bravely confesses that "After [cancer], I really just left like, 'Ya know, if I don't make another record, I still have my life. I still have a great life.'"

Watch the rest of Crow's interview with Couric for more emotional stories. 

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