Statement Claims That Florida Georgia Line Are ‘Anti-Police’…But Here’s The Truth

Statement Claims That Florida Georgia Line Are ‘Anti-Police’…But Here’s The Truth | Country Music Videos

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A rash of outrage flooded the internet after people began circulating a rumor that the two members of Florida Georgia Line were “anti-police” and that they refused to have police present at a music festival they were performing at. 

According to FOX News, the country duo came under intense fire on social media sites after a post from someone claiming to work at the festival posted a statement on Facebook. 

“Feeling very disappointed. I’m working at country thunder and one of the bands I enjoy listening to, Florida Georgia Line, has requested zero police presence during their concert tonight,” Kenneth Lee wrote on the site. 

“Apparently they don’t trust the police and have taken the anti-police stance in line with the scum that has been killing police officers all over the country,” he continued stating adding in some insults to further drive his point home. 

Lees views and statements sparked a massive flood of heated and angry comments from fans on both Facebook pages for the band and Country Thunder. 

Contrary to Lee’s expression, the band did not request a “zero police presence” at their event and FOX 411 Country confirmed that there was indeed a strong police presence at the Country Thunder festival in Kenosha, Wisconsin. 

Additionally, the news outlet reported that a local sheriff had expressed that he had been informed of a request that was made to Country Thunder that law enforcement not be back stage, but that the request was not honored due to safety reasons. It appears that there was no more dialogue about the request after the event management declined it.

The band was very quick to speak up about the incident and posted statements to their social media accounts expressing their support of all law enforcement personnel. 

The management for the venue also posted a statement on Facebook disputing some of the statements that had been circulating, but did not make it clear which person’s statement they considered the “original post”.

As of this writing, no further comment has been made by representatives for either party.

Just days ago, band member Tyler Hubbard voiced his sadness and upset at the Dallas Police Shootings even offering a song called “Music Is Healing” as a way to combat the grief that all of us have felt following the tragic attack on officers.

Listen to the song Hubbard posted in honor of the officers below.

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