The Robertson’s Reflect On Jep’s Frightening Near-Death Experience

The Robertson’s Reflect On Jep’s Frightening Near-Death Experience | Country Music Videos

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Fans of Duck Dynasty will know that family is everything to the Robertsons. When one of their own became ill and had a near-death experience, everyone dropped what they were doing to be there for them.

The youngest of the four Robertson brothers, Jep, had a health scare in 2014 that left him in the hospital thinking he was going to die.

While hunting, he had multiple seizures and was rushed to the hospital.

I remember we were hunting and I reached down to get my bow and they said I just crumpled up and started shaking real violently,” he says in a clip from Duck Dynasty.

His older brother, Willie, who was with him said, “All your hair was in your face, you had slobber all over your beard and you looked at me like you had no idea who I was.

According to ABC News, it took ambulances two hours to get to them because of their remote location. He revealed that he didn’t wake up until 4 days later in the hospital.

I thought I was a goner,” he told ABC News.

While he was there, his family and friends rushed there to support his wife, Jessica, and their four kids and that meant the world to her.

“I didn’t even know a week ago if he was gonna make it,” Jessica said. “That’s when I thought, ‘Oh my goodness, I could lose my best friend.’ The amount of support, though, that we had coming into the hospital and all the friends and family and all our fans who sent so many letters, it meant so much. It spoke volumes to me.”

As Jep was healing, he knew that the best medicine is laughter, so it’s a good thing he has the family he does because they are full of laughs.

When Jep woke up in the hospital, he says, his dad, Phil was there. Phil asked him, “Did you see a light?” Jep responded that he didn’t, and Phil said, “You may have a problem”.

He also made light of the situation, once he was out of the woods, by tweeting out a picture of himself in the hospital bed with the caption, “Just like Steven Seagal, I’m hard to kill.”

Watch the emotionally-charged clip from Duck Dynasty below.

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