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They Didn't Show The Whole Truth Behind Julianne Hough's 'Body Shaming' Scandal

Julianne hough Songs | They Didn't Show The Whole Truth Behind Julianne Hough's 'Body Shaming' Scandal | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Amber Rose/Instagram (Left), (Right)

Moments after calling out the blonde judge for 'body shaming' her in front of America, Amber Rose reveals that they didn't show you everything that happened...

Programs aired on national television are often subject to extensive editing and manipulation, but this omission from Dancing With The Stars had fans outraged and berating Julianne Hough

Throughout this whole scandal, everyone has criticized Hough for her comments on Rose's dancing - even after she clarified the remarks, but last night's episode was the first time in which both women could talk about it. And they chose to do so in front of millions of viewers. 

While there was an open discussion and acknowledgment on Rose's part - her admitting that she maybe took Hough's comments in a way not intended, fans and onlookers were SHOCKED that Hough did not apologize. 

And that's where this scandal gets a little crazy. 

According to Amber Rose herself, the show made it appear as if Hough did not apologize...but she did - and directly to Rose on live television. 



So, while the internet was blowing up over Hough's "missing apology" for the misunderstanding about body shaming, the evidence was right there for everyone to just wasn't brought forward by the editors. 

What do you think of the controversy?

Do you think they should have added captions so fans could hear the apology? 

Watch the clip below and give us your opinions in the comments. 

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