Tony Stewart’s Retirement Fueled By Battle With NASCAR

Tony Stewart’s Retirement Fueled By Battle With NASCAR | Country Music Videos


Fine after fine, after fine…Tony is over the war he’s been waging against NASCAR during his career – most recently fighting with them about safety and lug nuts. 

For the longest time, Tony Stewart has been one of the few people speaking out on issues with NASCAR, but he says now that he’s done “fighting the fight”. 

As one reporter simply puts it: “It gets old being the one guy who speaks his mind.”

The 45-year-old famed racing driver made his feelings known during several recent press conferences, and has always been known to speak what’s on his mind – even if it would make people uncomfortable. 

“There’s 39 of these guys that 99 out of 100 times won’t say a thing about it to you guys or NASCAR or anybody else,” Stewart said during a conference. “I’m the one guy that will go, ‘Man, this is a bad thing to talk about and I shouldn’t talk about it,’ but I’ll get pissed off enough to talk about it because I believe it’s worth talking about.”

While he feels strongly about the issues he raises, he’s leaving that to someone else upon retirement and that’s one of the factors fueling his choice to retire this season. 

“It’s extremely exhausting,” He says. “That’s part of the reason I’m retiring. I’m tired of being responsible for it. That’s somebody else’s responsibility. I’ve had my fill of fighting the fight. At some point you’ve got to say ‘Why do I keep fighting this fight when I’m not getting anywhere?'”

Stewart also adds that over his lengthy career in racing, he’s learned an important fact about NASCAR and the issues with the sport. 

“But I’ve also learned … is there’s a reason it’s not getting changed or not going the direction it should go, because it’s part of a bigger picture that has to be in sync with each other.”

Watch Stewart talk more about his racing, retirement, and future plans in the video below. 

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