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Si Robertson Gets FIRED From His ‘Dream Job’

Si robertson Songs | Si Robertson Gets FIRED From His ‘Dream Job’ | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Whip Clip

Everyone's favorite uncle, Si Robertson has lived an incredible life. He served in the military, fought in the Vietnam War, has an incredible job at Duck Commander and may or may not be the best reality television persona of all time.

Even with all that, he feels like he's missed out on working at his dream job. Growing up he had a dream to be a grocery store bagger and once he was old enough to get a job, he joined the military and then was offered a job at Duck Commander right after. 

Working at Duck Commander allows him to hunt and have a flexible schedule, but it seems his job there is not fulfilling him the way he would like. 

On a recent episode of Duck Dynasty, Willie and Korie stopped by their local grocery store to get a few things for dinner and they saw a familiar face bagging groceries. 

Turns out Si has been moonlighting as a grocery bagger for a little while!

Worried, Korie asked Willie if he fired Si from Duck Commander, but Si just really likes to bag groceries. Turns out he's not so good at it, though.

Willie rushes back to the warehouse to tell the Duck Commander guys all about it and they start making up hilarious nicknames for Si.


After the guys come to the store to razz him a bit, Si gets fired from his dream job. 

But after showing his boss he has improved at grocery bagging, he gets his job back on one condition. He must shave his beard!

Find out if he goes back to grocery bagging below!

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