Vote For The Best Thanksgiving Side Dish (Poll)

Vote For The Best Thanksgiving Side Dish (Poll) | Country Music Videos

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While the turkey is certainly the centerpiece of most Thanksgiving meals, everyone knows that the side dishes are the true stars of the show. Come on now, have you ever seen your family members fighting over the last piece of turkey? We don’t think so! 

From mashed potatoes, to rolls, to green bean casseroles, traditional Thanksgiving sides dishes are warm, hearty, and downright delicious. As good as all of them are, we’re sure there’s one particular dish that will have you thinking about seconds before you even finish your first helping.

Now we want you to vote for that dish in our poll below!

We’ve included seven of some of the most popular Thanksgiving side dishes as options you can vote for (desserts don’t count). If you don’t see your favorite choice, select the “other” option and tell us what you’d like to vote for in the comments!

Be sure you scroll to catch all of the choices…too bad you can’t vote for more than one!

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