What Happens When Dad Dares 4-Year Old To Ride Steer Will Leave You In Stitches

What Happens When Dad Dares 4-Year Old To Ride Steer Will Leave You In Stitches | Country Music Videos

Scott Clark

4-year old Asher Clark of Valdosta, Georgia, has become an instant internet star after accepting a dare that most grown men would walk away from. 

According to Asher’s dad, Scott, he offered to pay the boy $20 if he would sneak up on a resting steer and jump on his back. Little did he know that Asher would take him up on the offer without hesitation. Scott Clark captured the moment on camera and at press time the video has been viewed more than 6 million times. 

In the video, a camo-clad Asher sneaks across a field approaching the unsuspecting steer from behind. His dad can be heard explaining that he offered him $20 if he approached the cow and jumped on his back. A young girl named Emily can be heard saying “That’s not safe,” just seconds before Asher is seen crawling upon the steer and it takes off running. The final seconds of Asher’s ride aren’t visible as whoever is filming seems to be startled by the steer’s reaction and drops the camera. 

Many viewers were concerned about Asher’s safety, but his dad assured them that the 1300 pound steer that took his son for a ride is a family pet. He even shared photos of Asher and his pet steer, Winchester. 

Scott also shared a photo of a beaming Asher showing off the $20 he earned riding his first steer. 

We’re glad to know that fearless Asher is okay, and we suggest you keep an eye out for his name on the PBR circuit a few years from now. 

Watch the video of Asher’s first ride below. 

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