Willie Nelson’s Publicist Shares News About His Health

Willie Nelson’s Publicist Shares News About His Health | Country Music Videos

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Following a string of canceled concerts in January and February, fans started to grow concerned about the state of Willie Nelson‘s health. The country legend, who is now 83, was forced to back out of his shows as a result of an illness that was undisclosed at the time. 

Fans grew understandably worried about Nelson, prompting his publicist, Elaine Schock, to release a statement about his condition. Schock told CNN in February that Nelson’s illness was “just a cold” and that he was expected to hit the road again soon.

Nelson has kept up with all of his performance dates since then. On Saturday (March 18) he performed in front of over 75,000 people at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and showed no signs of ill health.

Despite all of this, rumors have been swirling online that Nelson is deathly ill. The Chicago Tribune reveals that the rumors originated from an article citing an anonymous source, stating that Nelson was weak and could hardly generate enough air to sing. Other websites picked up this report, leaving many fans concerned that Nelson was in a fight for his life.

However, Schock confirmed on Wednesday (March 22) that none of these reports are true. Speaking to The Associated Press, Schock said that Nelson is “perfectly fine.” She also mentioned his recent concerts, and how he’s been able to perform with no trouble.

Nelson is all-too-familiar with internet rumors. He’s been the subject of many death hoaxes over the years, which he’s been able to laugh off. In fact, the death hoaxes inspired Nelson to craft a song that is included on his upcoming album, God’s Problem Child. The song, called “Still Not Dead,” pokes fun at the reports that keep claiming that Nelson has passed away.

While Nelson hasn’t released “Still Not Dead” yet, he has released a couple of songs. One of those is titled “It Gets Easier,” in which he opens up about death and aging. Tune in below to give that song a listen.

We’re happy to hear that the rumors about Nelson’s poor health aren’t true! 

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