Yodeling Grandma Has Steve Harvey Crackin’ Up With Spunky Country Performance

Yodeling Grandma Has Steve Harvey Crackin’ Up With Spunky Country Performance | Country Music Videos

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For multiple seasons now, Steve Harvey has served as the host of the too-cute variety show Little Big Shots. The whole point of the program is to showcase talented children, whether they be singers, dancers, or little comedians.

As you would expect any time that young children are involved, hilarity often ensues on the set of Little Big Shots. The kids say the silliest things sometimes, and Steve’s responses make everything even more hilarious.

When Season 2 of Little Big Shots was over, Steve took the time to help showcase talent on the other end of the age spectrum. Little Big Shots: Forever Young is a new branch off of the original series, with the intention to allow “young-at-heart seniors [to] showcase their hidden talents.

One grandma named Velma left a lasting impression when she made her big debut on the show. At 95 years old, Velma is the proud grandmother to nine grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren, and 15 great-great-grandchildren.

In addition to being a really “great” grandma, Velma is also a skilled singer and yodeler. As she explained in a pre-filmed video package, her father knew she was meant to sing from a young age.

When I was born my dad said I had the loudest voice,” she said. “Right then he knew that I was gonna sing. And I guess so, because I’ve used my voice ever since.”

Along with her husband, Velma traveled all over the United States to perform, often stopping to sing at some of the country’s most recognizable landmarks. Just a few of the noteworthy places she has performed are the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore.

Those who tuned in to watch Velma’s episode of Little Big Shots knew they were in for something special as she took to the stage to perform. She went all-out for her performance, wearing a full country getup complete with a flower-covered straw cowboy hat.

Strumming along on her guitar the entire time, Velma packed her performance full of spunk and sass. Steve was getting a kick out of the whole thing, and could be seen crackin’ up over at the side of the stage.

The most impressive part of Velma’s performance was when she started yodeling. It’s clear that she’s spent years practicing, because¬†she yodeled with absolute ease.

Now it’s time for you to watch this talented grandma show off her stuff through her country-themed performance on Little Big Shots: Forever Young. It’s sure to make you smile!

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