Dash Cam Footage Of Zach Bryan’s Arrest Released By Oklahoma Police

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Zach Bryan was arrested Thursday, September 7, for “obstruction of investigation,” and taken to the Craig County jail.

He issued a statement on X following the incident, and came back later with a video on his instagram story explaining what happened. While Bryan explained the incident and owned up to it, the dash cam footage of the event gives his fans a close-up look at the entire story.

Bryan Responded To The Arrest

Bryan’s apology he posted on X said, “Today I had an incident with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. Emotions got the best of me and I was out of line in the things I said. I support law enforcement as much as anyone can, I was just frustrated in the moment, it was unlike me and I apologize. They brought me to jail, and there is a mug shot of me floating around. Prayers we can all move on from this and prayers people know I’m just trying the best I can, I love you guys and I am truly sorry to the officers.”

More information started to come to light about the ordeal, so Zach posted on his instagram story detailing the event. He apologized for his actions and specifically to the State Troopers involved.

“I was an idiot today,” Bryan says in the video. “My decisions did not reflect who I was as a person….I should have been smarter.”

“I was just an idiot and I’ll take the fall for it. I’m a grown man and I shouldn’t behave like that. It won’t happen again,” he promised. “Thanks for defending me online and stuff. I don’t really need it. I just shouldn’t have did what I did. The world moves on. Tomorrow’s gonna come anyway.”

Dash Cam Footage Of Zach Bryan’s Arrest Released

The video shows Zach’s black truck pulling up next to his security guard’s white car. After Zach stopped, he got out of his vehicle which prompted the officer to come up and tell Zach to get back in his truck.

“Either get back in your truck or go to jail. I don’t care which,” the officer tells Bryan. “I’ll go to jail. Let’s do it,” a surprisingly calm Zach responds to the officer.

The officer then cuffs Bryan and starts to frisk him when Bryan starts apologizing.

He said “This is my security guard. I’m just waiting for him, and it’s taking a long time. I was just curious, sir. I’m sorry. I’m not trying to be an a**hole.”

The cop explains to Bryan that he tried to give him an option and told Bryan to go have a seat in his patrol car.

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Zach remained extremely calm and apologetic until he started talking with the officer while he was cuffed sitting in the front seat of the patrol car.

Bryan mentioned how uncomfortable the handcuffs were and the officer said “I understand that, sir. We’ll change ‘em in a minute.” Bryan continues, “I’ll get back in my truck right now if you let me out of these handcuffs. If you don’t, it is going to be a mistake sir. I promise. I know every sheriff in Tulsa, I let 40 of them go to my show. I know you don’t give a f*ck but this is insane. This is the second time this has happened in three days. These f**king cops are out of control.”

According to the police report, the officer later asked Bryan’s security guard why Bryan was so “irate,” and he said, “He is a musician and that he was under a lot of stress and pressure.”

See the police report here.

Watch the dash cam footage in the video below.

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