Girl Sings Elvis’ ‘An American Trilogy’ In Car With Her Dad

Girl Sings Elvis’ ‘An American Trilogy’ In Car With Her Dad | Country Music Videos

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Even Youngsters Love Elvis

Few artists have the same timeless quality as Elvis Presley. Even today, decades after his untimely death, “The King” continues to maintain a strong fan base among people young and old.

HoundDogBilly / YouTube

One of Elvis’ youngest fans is a sweet little girl by the name of Ella Mae. At only 20 months old, Ella Mae already knew one of Elvis’ classic hits, “An American Trilogy.”

Elvis’ ex-wife, Priscilla Presley, was the one who introduced “An American Trilogy” to him, and he loved it right away.

Ella Mae loves the song as well, as she proved in a video her dad filmed that has since accumulated millions of views across multiple outlets.

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The video shows sweet Ella Mae sitting in her carseat as her dad climbs into the car. Excited to be riding in the car with her dad, Ella Mae kept cheering “Daddy!” over and over again. Now how cute is that?

HoundDogBilly / YouTube

Ella Mae’s dad eventually turned on her favorite Elvis tune, and it wasn’t long before she started singing along.

For being so young, Ella Mae knew almost all of the words and sang them loud and proud. And considering the fact that she was singing along to “An American Trilogy,” that’s a huge deal, because it’s one of Elvis’ most complex songs.

Beyond knowing the words, Ella Mae had every single facial expression down to a tee. She managed to put an intense level of emotion into her performance that artists sometimes work for years to achieve.

But what makes this clip really stand out is how adorable little Ella Mae is. Every now and then she stops singing to call out to her “daddy,” who can be seen grinning the entire time.

If you need a reason to smile today, this clip will give you one! It’s sweet to see a little girl with so much love for Elvis’ music.

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