Jana Kramer’s Husband Speaks Out For The First Time Since Infidelity

Jana Kramer’s Husband Speaks Out For The First Time Since Infidelity | Country Music Videos

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If there’s one thing you should know about country singer Jana Kramer, it’s that she doesn’t give up.

She’s never given up on her acting career, singing career, and especially, her family. She married former NFL player Mike Caussin in August 2015, and they welcomed a daughter, Jolie Rae, on January 31, 2016.

Just seven months later, the two split up due to Caussin’s infidelity and he checked into a rehab facility. During their split, she competed on Dancing With The Stars and was seen wearing her wedding band the entire time.

Slowly, Caussin began appearing in Kramer’s Instagram stories more and more and then in actual posts, causing fans to speculate a reunion between the two. Last Father’s Day, she made a post about him, praising his skills as a father.

Kramer is usually an open book with her fans, but kept this part of her life extremely personal – but now that she is hosting her own podcast called Whine Down, she is finally opening up about it.

After speaking about her marital problems with Caussin, including his infidelity, during her first episode, she found out it hurt his feelings a little bit because he wasn’t able to tell his side of the story. So, to even things out, she brought him in the studio for the second episode to talk about their marriage, issues, and their love for their daughter.

While they can’t agree on if he is a great husband or not (he’s working on it), she is the first to say that he is a great father.

A dad and his girl. #theirownworld

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On Whine Down, Caussin and Kramer talked openly about their “breaking point.”

“The thing is until someone wants to change themselves, there’s no amount of therapy, no amount of talking you can do about it until you make that decision for yourself,” Caussin said. “She said, ‘Look, I’m giving you every opportunity. I am here. I am willing to work on this. I want this family to work.’ Basically, step up or get out. And it got to a point of an ultimatum and that’s where I hit my breaking point. She hit her breaking point. I hit mine.”

He continued saying, “I don’t want to lose her. I don’t want to lose Jana. I don’t want to lose our family. I don’t want to lose what we’re trying to build.”

It seems like this couple’s persistence has paid off. The two renewed their vows on December 2, 2017 in Hawaii.

To listen to the full episode, click here.

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