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Blake Shelton Battles For Teen Singer After Stunning "I Hope You Dance" Rendition

The voice Songs | Blake Shelton Battles For Teen Singer After Stunning
Photo credit: The Voice YouTube Channel

Knoxville, Tennessee high school student Emily Ann Roberts loves Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. So she had a hard choice to make when the two Voice coaches both wanted her on their team. 

Wearing a pair of cowboy boots and a black dress, Roberts chose to sing "I Hope You Dance," by Lee Ann Womack

Shelton recognizes the song instantly, nodding his head along  before Roberts even starts singing.

Levine keeps his eyes on Shelton as Roberts starts singing, trying to figure out if he will turn around. He doesn't wait long though, and is actually the first coach to turn a chair for Roberts.

As soon as Levine turns around Robert's eyes fill with tears of happiness. Levine smiles at her, feeling confident that he just gained a wonderful addition to his team.

For a while it seems like Levine's chair will be the only one Roberts will turn during her blind audition. Shelton is clearly into her performance, closing his eyes and really concentrating on her voice.

It seems like Shelton is waiting for Roberts to hit the long, high notes in the song before turning his chair, because soon after she hits those notes he finally turns around. 

Either that, or he just wants to trick Levine into thinking he had secured Roberts for his team.

Coaches Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams do not turn around for Roberts. After Roberts' performance Levine wastes no time in informing them that they made a huge mistake.

Roberts feels very conflicted about choosing between her two favorite artists. She mentions that she loves country music, so she feels more prone to side with Shelton. "Country music is something that I love with all my heart. Blake is a very good connection into that."

Levine desperately tries to convince Roberts to join his team instead. "You'll still have that. If I go to Blake and I say, 'Emily and me are looking for a song' he's going to help."

Of course, Shelton has something to say in return. "Why would you go with a coach that's then going to turn around and ask me how to coach you? Do you want a direct connection to country music or do you want to have a middle man?"

Levine tries to defend himself, saying, "that's intelligent coaching."

"That is ridiculous," said Shelton.

Roberts feels even more conflicted after listening to Shelton and Levine fight over her. She timidly asks the coaches if she can make her decision now, not wanting the battle between Shelton and Levine to continue any longer.

So who did Roberts pick as her coach?

Despite basically begging for her to join his team, Levine just couldn't win Roberts over. She is a country girl through and through, and that's why she is now a member of Team Blake!

Roberts is the third person to join Shelton's team of talented performers. We look forward to watching Shelton and Roberts work together in future episodes of the show...without Levine serving as a middle man!

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