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Manly Bryant is a professional writer, social media community manager, and certified home-grown country boy who was raised in the great state of Kentucky. He grew up fishing, camping, working on a farm, and listening to good ol' country music. When he wasn't getting into fun with his buddies, he was baling hay and chopping wood for income as a teenager. He made his way through college and eventually got offered the opportunity to work for the largest country music network in the world, Country Rebel. Since then, he's held many positions for the company, from writing blog posts and building social media fan pages to managing office supplies, handling phone sales and customer support, and even being the caretaker of the office dog, Bowzer. Manly has been a loyal, hardworking team player who loves what he does. He's assisted Country Rebel with filming music videos with artists such as Aaron Lewis, Russell Dickerson, LOCASH, and Rodney Atkins, and has even helped hand-build some of the beautiful Marine wood wall art that's sold on this website during the holiday season. Manly's writings have reached millions of people, and he's honored to be in the position to accurately cover the stories he's working on. He's been with Country Rebel since the very beginning and plans on sticking around for the long haul. Enjoy his writings and stay tuned for more!

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