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An Unbreakable Bond: Wynonna Judd + Cactus Moser's Incredible Love Story

Wynonna judd Songs | An Unbreakable Bond: Wynonna Judd + Cactus Moser's Incredible Love Story | Country Music Videos
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When Wynonna Judd and Michael 'Cactus Moser fell in love, neither knew tragedy would be so quick to strike....In an incredible story of love, Judd and Moser overcame some harrowing obstacles early on. 

These two love birds first met in 1989 when Judd was touring with her mother, Naomi Judd, and Moser's band Highway 101. 

"He had a mullet..." She laughs, remembering Moser's self-described "beautiful feathered hairdo". 

Their bliss sustained the challenge of time until they finally reconnected in 2009, when they began dating. Their wedding took place in Tennessee, on Judd's expansive Leipers Fork farm in the summer of 2012. 

Just over two months later, a tragic twist struck the newlyweds. Traveling along U.S. Route 16 in South Dakota, Moser, riding a motorcycle, crossed the center line and collided with a car. Luckily, he survived the accident, but as a complication of his injuries, his leg was amputated above the knee. Judd, who was on tour, cancelled all her upcoming concerts in order to be by his side. 

In an interview, Moser talks about how gracefully and incredibly Judd has cared for him following the accident:

“I’ve watched what she’s done for me and to me, to help me get into a shower and into the bathroom. I can’t imagine being in that situation and going, ‘This is who I love, but this is not how I saw him.’ I have watched her be a gallant, amazing champion and wondered how I would have reacted if it were her.”

Judd has said before that she "felt a joy that hasn't been there before" when it comes to her wonderful hubby and Moser admits he enjoys having "such a sassy wife...most of the time!". 

These two are an example of a perfectly matched couple who's love can survive nearly insurmountable odds and they both have said that overcoming this obstacle has only served to bring them closer together. 

Watch the video below for one of Wynonna Judd's chart-topping love ballads, "To Be Loved By You"


Love that's worth fighting for
That's what this is
And how, how could i want more
Than the warmth of your kiss

No matter how many miles and dreams
Come between us now
In each step i take, with each prayer i make
This love will live somehow

Let the mountains rise, i will climb them all
When my body?s weak, i will not fall
Baby, come what may i?ll find a way to get through
there's nothing that i won't do
To be loved by you

There will be lonely nights
When you'll whisper my name
Know on those lonely nights, i?ll be doing the same
Should every star in the sky go out

Just keep your faith alive
We were meant to be, this is destiny
It cannot be denied
And even when we're worlds apart
Just keep this promise in your heart

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