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Charley Pride Storms The Charts With Hank Williams Classic, 'Kaw-Liga'

Hank williams Songs | Charley Pride Storms The Charts With Hank Williams Classic, 'Kaw-Liga' | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Bozeman Media (Left), Vevo/Charley Pride (Right)

Mississippi-born country star, Charley Pride first struck out on the music scene with his debut single, "The Snakes Crawl At Night" which failed to find success on the charts, however, that didn't slow him down. Pride's third single, "Just Between You And Me" became a tremendous success that same year and came in as part of the Top Ten on the U.S. Country Chart. 

Just three years later, Pride would find himself at the front of an incredible musical breakthrough - releasing a song that was originally issued as the first posthumous single from country music icon, Hank Williams

For his fifth album, Charley Pride: In Person, the rising star recorded a live performance at Panther Hall in Forth Worth, Texas, debuting renditions of his own hit songs while also bringing classics into the fold - including William's "Kaw-Liga"

It was this performance that would start Pride off on a spree of chart-domination, with his "Kaw-Liga" cover landing at the No. 3 chart position. Following this release, the singer would see his next six singles make the No. 1 spot, and accumulate more than 20 No. 1's in just a decade's time. 

Prides impeccable vocals brought the classic tune to life during his unforgettable 1975 live concert performance and many critics and fans, alike,  raved that his performance was slightly better than the original. 

Williams' version became his first posthumous single following his unexpected and shocking death on New Year's Day in 1953. The song reached the No. 1 position with great speed and stayed at the top of the charts for 14 weeks. 

Both Williams and his producer Fred Rose worked a great deal on the track, which found its inspiration from a time when the singer stayed at his lakeside cabin in Kawliga, Alabama. The song aims to tell the story behind a famous wooden statue of the same name, who falls in love with an Indian maid but is never able to show his true feelings before she leaves. 

Watch the videos below of these two amazing artists singing a true country classic! 


Kaw-Liga was a wooden Indian
Standin' over by the door
Fell in love with a Chocktaw maid
Over in the Georgia store

Kaw-Liga, ooh
Standin' there, don't never let it show
She don't ever answer, yes or no

And he always wore his Sunday feathers
And carried his old black hawk
Maiden wore her beads and braids
An hoped someday he'd talk

Kaw-Liga, ooh
Standin' there, don't never show a sign
'Cause his heart is made of knotty pine

Poor ol' Kaw-Liga, you ain't never got a kiss
Poor ol' Kaw-Liga, you don't know what you what miss
Is it any wonder that your face is red?
Kaw-Liga, you poor old wooden head

Kaw-Liga was a lonely Indian
Never went nowhere
Heart was set on the Chocktaw maid
Wearin' the long, black hair

Kaw-Liga, ooh
Standin' there, don't never show a sign
'Cause his heart was made of knotty pine

And then one day, a wealthy customer
Bought the Indian maid
Took her oh so far away
And ol' Kaw-Liga stayed

Kaw-Liga, ooh
Standin' there, as lonesome as can be
Ah, just wishin' he were still an ol' pine tree

Poor ol' Kaw-Liga, you just ain't never had no kissin'
Poor ol' Kaw-Liga, hoss, you don't know what you're missin'
Is it any wonder, that your face is red?
Kaw-Liga, you poor, ol' wooden head

Just a head
Just a head

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