13-Foot Great White Shark Found With “Two Big Bite Marks” From Even Larger Predator

Terry Goss / Wikimedia Commons

The thought of encountering a great white shark is terrifying to most. So, imagine encountering a shark that eats great white sharks.

It’s not just the stuff of nightmares – it’s reality. Worldwide shark research organization OCEARCH was recently tagging a 13-foot great white shark named Vimy when they noticed he had two large bite marks on his head and face. One was healed over, the other was fresh.

White sharks live in a tough world. Need proof? Check out white shark Vimy’s head. He appears to have two big bite marks…

Posted by OCEARCH on Monday, October 14, 2019

Marine biologists aren’t sure what type of animal took a bite out of Vimy’s head, but their best hypothesis is that he was attacked by other, larger sharks. OCEARCH has placed a tracker on Vimy so that scientists can get more information on exactly what ocean neighborhoods this bad boy is spending his time in, getting into fights with other predators.

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