3 Ghost Stories That Take Place In Texas

3 Ghost Stories That Take Place In Texas | Country Music Videos

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Halloween is almost here, and there’s no better time for creepy stories. Whether you’re from the Lonestar State or you’re just a fan of stories that give you chills, these three Texan ghost stories will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up! Some would even call them “legendary.”

Check them out below…if you dare!

Marfa Lights

Marfa is a tiny town in Texas, but the lights that it’s known for are anything but small. Residents and visitors alike have reported seeing eerie, unnatural looking lights in the sky. The lights seem to show up randomly and don’t act according to any pattern. There are many theories as to what the freaky lights are. Some include UFOs, car light reflections, and of course, spirits.

Camp Lulu Sams

There’s an abandoned girls’ camp outside of Brownsville, Texas called Camp Lulu Sams. Legend has it that the camp was shut down years ago after one of the counselors went crazy and murdered several campers. According to the story, the screams of the murdered children can be heard coming from the camp late at night. Talk about creepy!

The Crying Girl of Matz Street

In Harlingen, Texas, many residents claim to see a crying girl wandering Matz Street late at night. The young girl walks up and down the road crying into her hands. She’s generally unresponsive when approached, but from time to time, she looks up at good Samaritans who want to help – and then she disappears.

Have you been to any of these locations? And if you have, have you experienced any of these ghost legends? Let us know, because we are staying FAR away from these places!

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