5+ Reasons Men With Beards Are Healthier & More Attractive, According To Science

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Beards are back! It used to be the old school thing to do. You saw people back in the early 1900s sporting big beards and years later it seemed to fade away. The “baby face” was in for so long. Now fast forward to now and you’ve probably seen a lot of men rocking the big beard again. Whatever the reason, it’s back in style!


Not only is having a big, beautiful beard cool and trendy but it also comes with a load of health benefits. Let’s take a look at a few perks of having a beard.

Benefits of Having a Beard

  1. Prevents Skin Cancer – according to researchers of University of Southern Queensland in Australia, 95% of UV rays from the sun are blocked by having a beard.
  2. Prevents Asthma / Allergy Symptoms – facial hair works as a filter and prevents pollen, dust and other particles from from getting into your nose and mouth, reducing your chances of having an asthma attack or a bad allergy outbreak. The more hair you have the more you’re protected.
  3. Prevents Razor Rash – usually if you don’t have a beard you’re shaving. And when you shave you sometimes get razor rash, causing nasty bumps, cuts and little red marks all over your face. Having a beard keeps your skin healthier because you’re not having to shave. It even prevents acne and folliculitis.
  4. Keeps Natural Moisture – your face naturally releases oil out of glands in your face called sebaceous glands, and that keeps your skin moisturized. Having a beard prevents you from rubbing the oil from your face, therefore keeping your skin from getting dry.
  5. Keeps You Looking Younger – with your beard blocking the sun’s rays it actually keeps your skin looking younger. It ultimately makes your face age less, therefore staying handsome longer.
  6. Keeps You Warm – when it’s winter and you have a beard you’re definitely staying warmer and it will actually help you battle colds and other sicknesses.

All these things are amazing reasons to have a beard. So if you got one, just know that you’ll be looking more handsome and be healthier than all your beardless buddies.

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