7th Grader Gets Photobombed By Snake In Back-To-School Picture

7th Grader Gets Photobombed By Snake In Back-To-School Picture | Country Music Videos

photo credit: Kage Fit


Brooke Mills was standing outside her home getting ready to go into her first day of seventh grade when her mom asked her to pose for a back-to-school picture. Her mother, Joy Mills, took the picture and then quickly realized her daughter had gotten photobombed.

Hanging on to a tree right behind Brooke was a well-camouflaged snake that looked like it had just eaten a belly full of baby birds. Brooke’s mother didn’t want her daughter to panic so she calmly told her to come over to her without Brooke knowing what was going on.

“It blended so well I looked harder and realized what was there,” Joy Mills said.

Once Brooke got over to Joy she told her what was going on and her daughter was shocked! The snake was literally right next to her, so close it could have struck her if it wanted to but instead, it stood still looking directly at her.

“When she realized what was behind her she was speechless,” Joy said. “We couldn’t believe it when we looked at my phone at the pics and just how close he was and we had no idea.”

The snake was left alone on the tree as Joy went on to take Brooke to school and they luckily walked away with one of the coolest back-to-school pictures any kid has ever taken.

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