8-Foot, 327-LB Alligator Gar Caught In 2011 Holds World Record

8-Foot, 327-LB Alligator Gar Caught In 2011 Holds World Record | Country Music Videos

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Literally a prehistoric dinosaur fish, the Alligator Gar was once thought to just be a nuisance fish – but now has been found to be a crucial part of the ecosystem across many southern and central states.

Too often, the Alligator Gar is killed just as a trophy fish and for no real purpose, but this fish was actually caught by accident – and the story is one for the record books.

Back in 2011, a local Vickburg, Mississippi fisherman ended up mistakenly catching the largest Alligator Gar in world history while net fishing for Buffalo Fish.

The man, Kenny Williams, told Field & Stream back in 2011 that he reeled in the net with a barely-alive (but huge) Alligator Gar in it – the fish died soon after.

“I kept trying to hoist him in the boat and he kept slipping back into the net.”

“We landed there in the bottom of the boat together and I was so tired I couldn’t move. I was amazed at how big he was, and I still don’t know how I managed to do that.”

Check out the full news report below – and let us know if you’ve ever seen a fish this big!

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