Alligator Jumps Up To Bite Zip Line Instructor

Alligator Jumps Up To Bite Zip Line Instructor | Country Music Videos

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For people who live in the Southeast, alligators are a fact of day to day life. Whether you’ve seen them while you’re out hiking or know not to walk your dog near certain lakes, keeping gators at a safe distance is an important part of outdoor safety.

Zip line instructors spend most of their careers outdoors, so zip line professionals in Florida know that they need to take every precaution against gators. This means keeping an eye out in areas where gators spend a lot of time, staying away from their nests, and always being prepared in the event of a gator attack.

This zip line instructor was testing out a new line above a pond well-known for its alligators. It was no surprise to see gators in the lake, but the instructor never expected one to jump out and try to take a bite of her legs.

As the zip line instructor got toward the end of the line, a waiting gator leaped out of the water, attempting to grab the instructor.

Luckily, the gator never touched her, and she safely made it to the other side of the zip line.

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