Another Dutton Family Member Dies In Episode 5 Of “1923”

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1923 finally released a new episode on Sunday (February 5) after a multi-week break.

When we last left off, Spencer Dutton read a letter from his aunt Cara that he was needed back home in Montana following his brother John’s death at the hands of Banner and his men. Cara’s husband, Jacob, was badly wounded in the attack and Cara feared he would not survive. Jack Dutton’s bride-to-be, Elizabeth, was also injured.

Episode Five of 1923 picks up as Spencer and his sweetheart, Alex, begin the journey back to America from Africa. And before the episode ends, another Dutton family member dies…

Keep reading if you want a full recap of 1923‘s fifth episode, “Ghost of Zebrina.” But DO NOT keep reading if you do not want to spoil any of the episode’s events.


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Back home on the ranch, the Duttons follow what narrator Elsa Dutton describes as a “melancholy routine.” Cara takes care of Jacob and makes trips to the post office, hoping for a reply from Spencer. Jack patrols the property and dreams of revenge against Banner, and ignores Elizabeth in the process.

Emma continues to grieve her husband John’s death, and spends time tending to his grave. But the pain of her loss soon becomes too much for her to bear. She takes her own life.

Emma’s death leaves Jacob, Cara, and Jack as the last remaining Duttons in Montana.


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Meanwhile, Spencer and Alex face a dilemma as they plot their journey home to America. They know taking a trustworthy ocean liner will make their trip several months longer…and they simply don’t have the time to spare. They end up meeting an old tugboat captain, who says he’ll bring them to the Suez Canal if Spencer agrees to work as his deckhand.

The episode then jumps to follow Teonna Rainwater after her escape from the boarding school. Father Renaud tries to get information from Teonna’s cousin about her whereabouts. When her cousin says Teona is heading back home to the reservation, Father Renaud does not believe she is capable of making the 400-mile journey.

But Teonna is a natural at surviving in the wilderness, and even manages to fight off a pack of wolves. She eventually encounters another Native American named Frank, and he offers to take her back to her family.


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Meanwhile, Banner and Whitfield are continuing to scheme against the Duttons. They want to purchase all of the land around the Dutton’s ranch, in the hopes that doing so will push the family off their property. Banner and Whitfield dream of mining their land for gold.

A recovering Jacob is well-aware that his family’s future looks bleak. He knows he has a long road to recovery, and doesn’t think that hot-headed Jack is ready to take over as the leader of the family.

Speaking of Jack, he gets a big reality check from Elizabeth. She makes it clear she does not appreciate his lack of attention, and threatens to leave him. Jack realizes how awful he’s been, and responds by asking Elizabeth to marry him right then and there. They two declare themselves to be husband and wife with no one but God as a witness.


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The show’s other lovebirds, Spencer and Alex, also reach a huge decision-making moment. Spencer tells Alex to stay behind, fearing the journey across the ocean will be too dangerous for her. He promises he’ll send back for her later.

But Alex is having none of it. She tells Spencer if he leaves without her, she’ll never come back to him. Not wanting to lose her, Spencer concedes and she joins him on the trip.

Before they get on the boat, Spencer sends a cable to Cara. He lets her know he’s on his way home.

As expected, Spencer and Alex’s journey is not a safe or easy one. The boat is tiny and old, and the kitchen doesn’t have many supplies. The captain is also coughing up blood and tells spooky stories about ghost ships he’s spotted at sea. The three of them come across one such ship during their travels, and the captain terrifies Spencer and Alex by navigating the boat dangerously close to the abandoned vessel.

Shockingly (or not so shockingly actually) the captain dies while at the helm of the boat, leaving Spencer and Alex to themselves. Spencer rushes to save the boat from crashing into the “ghost ship” they discovered earlier. But his efforts fail. The boat smashes into the other vessel.


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Back in Montana, the Duttons finally learn some happy news. Elizabeth reveals that she and Jack are expecting their first child. The Duttons get another dash of hope when Cara receives Spencer’s message that he’s on his way home.

The episode ends with a shot of Spencer and Alex’s boat, which overturned. The couple is nowhere to be seen.

Did Spencer and Alex survive? Who will Elizabeth and Jack’s baby grow up to be in the Dutton family tree? Will Teonna make it safely back home? These are the questions we have moving into the next episode of 1923…and we can’t wait to see it!

In the meantime, catch a behind-the-scenes look at the making of 1923 by tuning in to the video below. 

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