Australian Man Goes Fishing Using A Drone During Lockdown

Sam Romeo / Instagram

While most of the world remains on lockdown, one Australian man is finding ways to continue doing one of his favorite hobbies: fishing.

Sam Romero is a professional photographer, videographer and quite possibly one of the most clever drone operators.  Two days ago, Sam posted a video of him fishing with a drone from his home in Sydney, Australia.

From the video, Sam appears to have tied fishing line with a lure right onto his drone. He then sent it across the street, dropped it into the water and waited for a bite.  About 30 minutes and 2 battery changes later, he finally caught a fish. As he flies it back to his balcony, the reaction of people below is hilarious as they’re obviously wondering why there’s a fish being flown through the air.

This isn’t the first time Sam’s been creative with a drone either. Just a few weeks prior, he posted a video on his instagram which showed him delivering a ring to a groom in the middle of the wedding ceremony.

While the fish Sam caught was rather small and released back into the ocean, others have used a similar method involving a drone to catch large tuna while remaining on the shore. Check out their video below!

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