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My name is Kynlee Christensen, born and raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and I'm a writer by passion. My journey into the world of writing took shape after earning my Bachelor's degree in Communications from Boise State University, where I decided to focus on a career as a marketer, writer, and designer. My love for country music began in my early years, listening to my dad's cherished Chris LeDoux CDs during our family camping trips. Those moments with my three sisters in the truck will forever be remembered, with "Caballo Diablo" being our go-to song to sing. When it comes to country artists, I have a few go-to favorites, including Eric Church, Cody Johnson, Billy Currington, Jason Aldean, Luke Combs, and Tim McGraw. Among the countless country tunes, two stand out as my all-time favorites: "We Are Tonight" by Billy Currington and "Dear Rodeo" by Cody Johnson. Not to mention, the music video for "Dear Rodeo" featuring Reba remains my ultimate video of all time! My very first concert experience featured Randy Houser at the Western Idaho State Fair. I remember thinking how amazing he sounded singing live. His performance was incredibly captivating, and it marked a defining moment for me, reinforcing the special place that country music holds in my heart. My journey as a writer has been a constant source of surprises over the years. While I've always been drawn to the idea of being a writer, the specific subject matter eluded me for quite some time. Now, the opportunity to delve into the world of my true passion, country music, has become a dream realized. My goal is to bring compelling stories from the heart of the country music industry to my readers. Through my writing, I aspire to convey the depth of my passion for country music and ensure that it resonates authentically with my audience.

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