Baby Squirrel Stuck Between Railroad Tracks Asks For Help

Squirrel Gets Saved From Railroad Tracks / Nick Allen - Facebook

Railroad tracks span across the country and it’s not uncommon for wildlife to encounter them. Normally animals simply cross over them but occasionally they can get stuck on the tracks. Thankfully for this baby squirrel, someone was able to come to its rescue!

Nick Allen was walking back home along some railroad tracks in Georgia when he spotted something peculiar.  He saw a squirrel trying to climb out over the tracks.

Squirrel Trying To Climb Out / Nick Allen – Facebook

In the adorable video below you can see the squirrel trying time and time again to get over the metal track

Seeing the trapped animal in distress between the tracks, Nick went over to help the furry little creature. What happened next is nothing short of a miracle. Before Nick could figure out how he was going to help, the squirrel took initiative and hopped onto Nick’s leg! You can see the cute baby squirrel just clinging to Nick’s leg as if it knew this was its way out of the tracks.

Squirrel Catching A Ride To Safety / Nick Allen Facebook

Without wasting much time Nick grabbed his backpack and started walking. When Nick posted to social media, he says the squirrel hung on for about a half mile before hopping off to safety. Once away from the tracks the baby squirrel jumped off and ran up a tree. Nick undoubtedly helped the juvenile squirrel to safety that day!

“So today I was walking home from the creek on the rail road tracks and I see this baby squirrel that can’t get over the little ledge so I was going to help him up and next thing I know he crawls on my leg and I walked him half a mile down the tracks with him just hanging on my leg, I got him in the woods and he hopped off and went right up a tree.” Nick Allen

Adult squirrels can jump up to 4 feet vertically!

Normally a squirrel wouldn’t have any issue crossing railroad tracks, but being that it was a baby it was having a very difficult time. It appears the squirrel knew that it was stuck and fortunately Nick happened to be walking nearby that day. The squirrel put a bit of trust in Nick and it is always amazing to see a unique bond like this! It’s the little things that count.

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