Bear Found Hibernating Under Couple’s Porch Deck

Feed The Faith Outdoors / YouTube

According to Feed The Faith Outdoors who shared a few pictures on Facebook, a black bear was found hibernating underneath a couple’s deck in Connecticut.

The exact location of the bear was decided by authorities to be kept a secret because instead of removing the bear from underneath the deck, they are allowing it to stay there and sleep.

They said when it’s ready to wake up, it can leave on its own. They will not be trying to wake the bear.

Feed The Faith Outdoors said on Facebook, “Yesterday I went to visit my brother and his wife. I wanted to see their new tenant for the winter. This big boy decided to make under their deck his winter hibernation home. My brother and his wife have been in touch with authorities and the decision was made to leave the bear where he is. He looks healthy and no one is in any danger so he can stay rent free until he leaves on his own.” 

They said it was a weird experience witnessing in person, the dreary-eyed bear staring at you and then falling back to sleep. He is quite a sight to see snoozing there.

The photos shared on Facebook went viral reaching over 33 thousand likes, 5.3 thousand comments, and 27 thousand shares. Some of the comments made about the bear ranged from comical, to sad, to being in awe.

One person joked that the bear looked “cozy,” and thought it “would be awesome if it came back every year! 

Richie Powers said, “I think it’s great that the choice to let him continue hibernation was exercised. I hope it works out for the best come spring too. What an unusual circumstance to say the least.”

Charlinda Reeder Glover added, “That’s pretty awesome! What a wonderful privilege to be able to watch this. Keeping the bear and your family safe… at the same time, experience this wonderful wildlife experience, front row.”

Josh Lapsley joked, “You better walk quietly on the deck. I know how MAD my WIFE gets when she is woke up early much less a BEAR.”

Wayne Robinson more seriously said, “You do know when it’s time to wake up come spring, he will have a ferocious appetite. Eye sight will be a bit fuzzy… better hope you ain’t sitting there when it’s time.”

Bev Cook said, “I hate to be the bad guy but it’s not a good idea! I live where bears roam. This is not a teddy bear nor Yogi. Just like deer are not cute little Bambi. This is trouble in the making.”

Kimberly Smith commented, “What happens when he “wakes up” and smells you cooking bacon? Although adorable now, I fear for that day….. he is not a pet, but a BEAR. With natural instincts.”

According to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), as bears become more regular residents in Connecticut towns, it is important that people learn to adapt to the presence of bears and take measures to avoid property damage and problems.

DEEP also said that bears in Connecticut den from late November through to mid-March and didn’t specify what action should be taken if one decided to take up residence on your property if you live in Connecticut.

According to Newsweek, DEEP said, “Black bears are not classified as true hibernators but their body temperature is lowered and heart rate slowed during winter denning. Denning enables bears to overcome unfavorable weather conditions and lack of food during winter. Denning bears do not eat, drink, urinate, or defecate. However, they will usually wake up if disturbed during their winter dormancy.”

Officials say if you find a bear on your property to not approach it, leave it alone and wait for it to leave, or make loud noises from a safe distance to attempt to scare the bear away. Once the bear leaves the property, remove anything that may have attracted it to the area.

Watch Footage Below Of Another Bear Found Under A Deck

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