Bear Gets Aggressive After Seeing His Reflection In The Mirror For The First Time

u/76doremi / Reddit

A video going viral on the internet shows the moment a bear saw itself for the first time ever in a mirror and went straight into battle mode.

The bear was just minding its own business meandering around the forest when it walked past an area where someone set up a mirror, and a camera pointed at the mirror to catch whatever happens. The bear was calm, cool, and collected until it saw itself in the mirror.

It was clearly one of the first, if not the very first time the bear had ever seen itself before, and with an aggressive movement of panic, confusion, surprise, and ready to fight off the bear it just saw in the mirror, the adrenaline was definitely pumping.

It stood up on its back paws and grabbed the mirror, trying to bite it and being very rough with it, pulling on it and jerking it around. Eventually, with enough powerful wrestling moves, the bear managed to rip off the mirror and threw it to the ground.

u/76doremi / Reddit

You can only imagine what was going through the bear’s mind.

First seeing another bear and jumping towards it to not knowing where it went, to finding it again right up in your face looking stressed and hostile.

The video was first shared by Reddit user 76doremi and said, “Reaction of the bear after seeing himself for the first time.”

Users commenting on the video had a few things to say.

“Homie ripped that mirror out with his bear hands,” one user wrote.

“On the third day of a three day weekend,” another user said.

A third user shared a funny story saying, “I was at a department store in the middle of the day looking at some shirts and some dude kept creeping closer and closer to me, and as I jerked my head up to give him a dirty look, I realized it was a mirror.”

Watch The Funny Bear Video Below

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