Beer Made From Toilet Water Brewed In Berlin

Beer Made From Toilet Water Brewed In Berlin | Country Music Videos

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A beer made from toilet water is making worldwide headlines.

Here’s the backstory

Reuse Brew is a beer made from the wastewater of 1.3 million Berlin residents. The brainchild of Xylem, a Berlin tech company, the beer literally begins as a vat full of raw sewage, including everything that Berlin residents have recently flushed down their toilets.

Technology works magic at the Reuse Brew plant. Ozone breaks down molecules of waste, and carbon filters are used to remove 99.999% of pollutants.

Sorry to inform you, toilet beer isn’t going to be available on tap at your favorite bar any time soon. The beer was create as a one time experiment by Xylem to raise awareness and interest in the use of recycled water. Many areas of the world continue to struggle with getting enough clean water to serve all of their residents. Purifying wastewater is a safe, healthy, and inexpensive solution to other options, such as desalination and importing water.

Bottom line: poop water isn’t ruined water, as surprising as that may be.

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