Hurry, The Black Moon Is Rising – What You Need To Know

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Among many of the other celestial events happening in July 2019, one stands out most simply because of its name – the Black Moon.

This month kicks off with a total solar eclipse on July 2nd that will be visible from many parts throughout South America and is similar to the eclipse that happened in 2017 and was visible across a very slender path in the United States.

Just a week later and Saturn will be one of the brightest objects in the night sky – much brighter than usual. On July 9th, it will be one of the best opportunities to see the planet and its gorgeous rings with a telescope.

A partial eclipse of the Thunder Moon will happen on the 16th, but again this will not be visible from North America. The full moon for the month of July is known as the Thunder Moon or Ripe Corn Moon.

The last three days of the month feature the most events – including a double meteor shower on July 29th and 30th! There are expected to be more than 25 meteors per hour during this dual showering of space rock.

But, it’s on the mid-month date of the 16th that the ominous-sounding “Black Moon” will occur and it’s likely to be something you’ll remember after reading this!

The definition of a “Black Moon” is varying in the world, but mainly it refers to the occurrence of two new moons in one month. A new moon is part of the lunar cycle when the moon lines up with the sun and loses its glow, becoming very hard to see in the night sky.

  • 2019 Black Moon – Tuesday, July 16th at 5:39 EST

New moons are spoken about in astrology as a period of reflection and outward reflection – it’s also associated with new beginnings as well.

Watch the AccuWeather video about the Black Moon below and let us know what you think.

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