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100-Year-Old Best Friends Give Opinions On Today's Pop Culture... And It Is Hysterical!

Best friends Songs | 100-Year-Old Best Friends Give Opinions On Today's Pop Culture... And It Is Hysterical! | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Steve Harvey YouTube Channel

Best friends forever (BFFs) Irene and Alice have had one hell of a friendship for the last 94 years! That's right! These gals have been through it all. Previously featured on Steve Harvey's hit NBC show "Steve", these besties left lasting impressions on viewers, as well as the hilarious host, Harvey himself! 

The show decided to bring the two back and ask them a series of pop culture questions, in addition to various conversations in light of the newest trends of today's youth. 

Clearly not afraid to have a good laugh at themselves, the ladies couldn't help but chuckle at their lack of knowledge regarding the constantly modernizing times, bringing themselves and viewers to tears of laughter. 

We knew we were in for a treat when one of the women attempted the grasp the concept and purpose of a selfie, eventually exclaiming, "I had enough pictures taken of me. I didn't have to take me own picture!" In an unexpected turn of events, on of the gals even admitted that she would be needing to jump on the selfie train at one point or another!

The questions continued, as did the humor and laughs in response to the questions ranging from pop icon Justin Bieber to the questionable creation of what is known as "twerking"! It's clear why these best friends have stuck together throughout all these years! Be sure to watch the video below for endless laughs! 

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