101-Year-Old Man Nicknamed “Wild Bill” Gets His Groove On To Some Banjo Pickin’

101-Year-Old Man Nicknamed “Wild Bill” Gets His Groove On To Some Banjo Pickin’ | Country Music Videos

Adam Lee Marcus / YouTube

There’s something about the sound of a banjo that is hard to resist. As soon as you hear some high-quality pickin’, you can’t help but jump up and start dancing around.

Young or old, people of all ages love them some good banjo music. That is especially true for one 101-year-old man that everyone in his retirement community refers to as “Wild Bill.”

Musician Adam Lee Marcus has traveled all the world to play his banjo for anyone who will listen. On one occasion, his travels took him to a retirement community, which is where he ended up meeting “Wild Bill.”

In the middle of playing “You Are My Sunshine,” a folk and country music classic, Bill got out of his chair and started dancing with one of the ladies in attendance. He displayed some fancy footwork, as he stomped his feet and swayed his dance partner from side to side.

Bill got even more enthusiastic as his he progressed through his dance. He was clearly having a fun time out there!

For being 101, Bill can sure groove with the best of them! We need him to teach us some of his moves!

Tune in below to watch Bill strut his stuff as he dances along to Marcus playing “You Are My Sunshine.” If you’d like an excuse to start dancing after that, check out some of Marcus’ other videos by heading over to his YouTube channel here.

Man, we could only dream to have as much energy as Bill when we’re older!

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