Pet Dynasty: Meet The Animals Who Call The Duck Dynasty Cast ‘Mom & Dad’

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The Robertson clan has been growing since the first day we met them. Kids are getting married and those kids are having kids. Well, not human kids, but animal kids! 

We have noticed that not only is the Robertson family growing because of marriages and children, they are also growing because of pets. 

We compiled a list of every Duck Dynasty cast member who owns a pet, and it’s more than you think! 

Phil and Miss Kay

(Photo credit: Stefanie Wilt’s Pintrest)

Miss Kay is a huge dog lover. Her sons even make fun of her for speaking to her dogs, J.J. and Bobo, like actual human beings. Phil and the dogs have a special relationship, too. Often, we see Bobo sleeping on his chair with him.

She loves animals so much that she decided to start her own petting zoo with goats, and even added a cow!

Check out the hilarious clip of her and Willie picking out those animals below.

Uncle Si


Uncle Si is just about everyone’s favorite cast member, but did y’all know he’s a cat person?! He owns a black cat named Sweet Pea, who everyone thinks is a girl because of his name. Sweet Pea has a mind of his own, just like Si, and forced Si and his nephews to go on an all-night search for him when he got out.

Jep and Jessica

(Photo credit: Jep and Jessica Robertson via

On the most recent episode of Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty, their family went through the hardships of losing a few pets. Their chickens escaped and didn’t make it, so Jessica went to get more with Miss Kay and they came back with a mini pig! 

They also have a small puppy named Olivia and have been showing her off on social media. She is the perfect napping buddy for River and fits perfectly in Merritt’s bicycle basket!


John Luke and Mary Kate

(Instagram: @young_and_beardless)

The newly-married Robertsons announced around Christmas that they would be adding to their family with a new puppy. John Luke and Mary Kate brought home Pippa, and have been showing her off ever since! She is so cute!



(Instagram: @legitharperrob)

Sadie and her boyfriend, Blake, have a dog together named Harper, who has her own Instagram! Harper is fearless, just like her mama! One of the Instagram videos on her account, she jumps into the pool, scaring everyone! Not to worry, she is okay, and her ears are bigger than ever!



(Instagram: @rebeccalorobertson) 

Willie and Korie’s foster daughter, Rebecca, has an adorable French Bulldog named Leauxla. She is seen in many Instagram posts lounging around Rebecca’s clothing store, Duck and Dressing. She lives a “ruff” life!


Jase and Missy


Jase and Missy’s family have a Yorkshire Terrier named Daisy, and apparently, she loves cheese! She has taken part of a photoshoot with Mia, and they truly are best friends!


(Instagram: @bright1thompson)

Jase and Missy’s oldest son, Reed, recently made headlines for proposing to his girlfriend of three years, Brighton Thompson. With wedding planning well underway, they are the next Mr. and Mrs. Robertson to walk down the aisle. The soon-to-be married couple already started a little family, with their dog, Theo! He stays active with them on hikes and the tennis court!



(Instagram: @jmartinduckman)

While he isn’t a Robertson family member, he might as well be! An employee at Duck Commander, Martin has been around since day one of Duck Dynasty. He has two yellow labs that he calls “a duckman’s best friend”, and for good reason! While his two pups, Jude and Jesse, are great at cuddling by the fire, he has trained them to retrieve the ducks he hunts and they’ve gotten pretty good!



Another unofficial member of the Robertson family, Godwin sure loves his furry child, too. He takes his love for dogs to another level and even hangs out with one in his hot tub!


How cute are all the Duck Dynasty pets?! We sure would love to see them featured more on the show!

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