Jase & Missy Robertson Tell Their Son ‘You Can’t Come Home!’ Why? I’m Floored!

Jase & Missy Robertson Tell Their Son ‘You Can’t Come Home!’ Why? I’m Floored! | Country Music Videos



When Duck Dynasty stars Jase and Missy Robertson got married in 1990, the week leading up to the wedding was a whirlwind!

In a blog post, she recalls something her dad said to her during that week.

He told her “When you get married on Friday, you can’t come home.

Confused, she asked him to clarify what he meant. He said, “You are not welcome to come back to this house to live after Friday night.” She was taken aback and offended. 

“When you have problems with your husband, and you will, you’ll need to work them out,” he continued, “Your mom and I will be here to help you however we can, but you’ll have to go home to your husband.”

Missy shared this story with her oldest son, Reed, who is in the process of planning a fall wedding to his fiancé, Brighton. 

“I also told them about the times that I laid in bed crying and wishing I was back at my parents’ home in the comfort of my upstairs bedroom without all of these challenges and disappointments of my new life,” she writes. “Then I would remember what my dad told me, and I knew I had to go talk to Jase about it.

She wants her son to be aware of the lessons she learned when she got married over 25 years ago, and clearly, those lessons have worked!

She ended the conversation with Reed and Brighton with a few words of wisdom.

She told them, “Reed, I love you with all my heart, but once you say ‘I do’ this fall, you can’t come home. And Brighton, you’re stuck with him.

We’re sure Reed and Brighton can’t wait to not go home to their parents’ houses once they tie the knot this fall!

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