Martina McBride Shows A Secret Side In New Music Video

Vevo via Martina McBride

Launched on March 10th, Martina McBride’s latest music project exposes a new side and encompasses a new level of vulnerability. 

The music video is the latest launch since its corresponding single, “Reckless” took flight at the end of February 2016 and has charted in the ‘Top 100’ on Billboard’s U.S. Singles chart. 

The song is a marked departure from the ‘country’ genre, but that in no way means it’s not country music. Hundreds of thousand of Martina fans have gushed over the song’s bright and upbeat sound. 

The video shows a woman in angst singing among the ruins of a dilapidated old house about how reckless she once was by ‘squandering [her] second chances’ and ‘breaking everything [she] ever had’

Transcending her recklessness, a lover brings salvation to her life and gives her new meaning. 

“Could’ve left me for dead
But you pulled me from the edge
For loving me the way you do
I know I’m reckless
But you must be reckless, too”

The ruins around McBride begin to lift as she finds strength with the love of her partner, cuts her hair, douses the stained walls in a fresh coat of paint, and turns the room into a beautiful sanctuary. 

The whole song is an incredible metaphor that will bring warmth to your heart and opens discussions about how recklessness and vulnerability coincide with love. 

Watch this beautifully stunning video below and let us know what you think in the comments! 


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