Carrie Underwood Has A Tattoo?! You’ll Never Believe What It Is!

Carrie Underwood Has A Tattoo?! You’ll Never Believe What It Is! | Country Music Videos

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Known worldwide as the all-American blonde bombshell country singer who rose to fame as a champion of American Idol, Carrie Underwood is starting a new legacy: helping friends and family avoid tattoo regret! 

In honor of the worldwide day celebrating the one and only St. Patrick, Underwood reveals some interesting facts about her history and tattoos in a tweet about the holiday!

Yes, that’s right. Carrie Underwood has a tattoo. But the real question is “of what?”

Well, in true Carrie fashion, she sends a tweet out to her fans trying to show the bright side of any situation and in her celebratory tweet, she does just that!

“Ahh, #StPatricksDay,” she begins writing. “The only day of the year my four leaf clover tattoo makes any sense!”

In a hilarious twist after revealing she got a tattoo, she expresses to her followers that there is an overarching piece of knowledge to be taken from her tattoo.

“There’s a lesson here, kids: #ThinkBeforeYouInk.”


We have to admit, Carrie surely has a sense of humor about things! Unfortunately she didn’t share any photos of the tattoo, but her drummer, Garrett Goodwin, only adds to the humor of the situation by responding to her tweet saying “Umm… You couldn’t have tweeted this one day earlier….” and adding a photo of someone’s skull/four-leafed clover tattoo below! 



The singer and her band have a great sense of humor and we are glad to see it coming out in all ways to celebrate this wonderful holiday! 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

Watch Carrie Underwood’s hilarious carpool karaoke session in the video below for some more of her good-hearted humor! 

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