Elvis Exposes The Real Reason He Divorced Priscilla In Rare Recording

Elvis Exposes The Real Reason He Divorced Priscilla In Rare Recording | Country Music Videos

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At the peak of his success, iconic musician Elvis Presley was a beloved artist that was slowly changing the landscape of music worldwide and had just recently married his beautiful wife, Priscilla.

Just a few short years later, the two had split in one of the most public divorces the world had ever seen, and there was an endless number of rumors swirling about the cause and how the pair would move forward from that point.

In a rare recording, the iconic superstar takes a break from performing a Vegas show to discuss his personal life – while both his ex-wife, daughter Lisa Marie, and new girlfriend Sheila Ryan were attending.

Elvis began by acknowledging that many people believed that he had written “You Gave Me A Mountain” from a personal place and that it somehow reflected his relationship with Priscilla. At this point, the singer pointed out that Priscilla was attending the concert and called on her to stand.

“She’s right here…please stand up,” Elvis says to Priscilla. “Boy, she’s a beautiful chick. I’ll tell you for sure, boy. I know it when I pick ’em.” The audience elicited a few whoops and whistles as he showed off and admired his ex-wife.

Next, he introduced his six-year-old daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, who jumped up to wave to the audience. At this, Elvis scolds her for not pulling her dress down before she jumped up excitedly.

“And then at the same booth is my girlfriend, Sheila. Stand up, Sheila,” He says into the microphone. “Turn around, completely around. Sheila, hold that ring up!” His girlfriend holds up the huge ring Elvis had given her at his request.

This is where things start to get juicy. Elvis began to pull all these bits and pieces together – especially why his ex-wife, daughter, and and girlfriend were all sharing the same booth.

“The thing I’m trying to get across,” he began. “We’re the very best of friends and we always have been. Our divorce came about not because of another man, or another woman, but because of the circumstances involving my career.”

“I was traveling too much, I was gone too much and it was just an agreement. I didn’t think it was fair to her, that I was gone too much.

“We just made an agreement to always be friends and be close and care because we have a daughter to raise.”

The late King then begins to touch on some intimate details of their divorce settlement and how that came about and that they continue to give each other gifts because they are so close.

His final admission about their caring ways is concluded with him telling the audience that she had just purchased a $42,000 white Rolls Royce for him, “out of the kindness of her heart”.

This entire audio clip is intriguing and shows just how important having Priscilla and Lisa Marie in his life was to him.

Listen to the full tape below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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