Elvis’ Close Friend Reveals His Greatest Disappointment In Life

Elvis’ Close Friend Reveals His Greatest Disappointment In Life | Country Music Videos



As the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” Elvis Presley had fans all around the globe. But despite his worldwide popularity, Elvis never toured outside of North America. Most of his concerts were in the U.S., but he did perform five shows in Canada. 

For decades fans have wondered why Elvis never held a concert elsewhere, and after much speculation, the truth has finally come to light. 

In November, a previously forgotten document of Elvis’ from 1976 surfaced during an auction, which detailed his plans to travel to England and Japan. Unfortunately, Elvis never had the chance to carry out his plans, since he passed away the following year.

So why was it that Elvis never made an effort to tour outside of North America before 1976?

As it turns out, Elvis was excited about the possibility of touring in other countries, but was held back by his manager Colonel Tom Parker.

Tensions between Elvis and the Colonel were high for many years leading up to his death. Elvis was strong in his desire to go tour in other countries, but the Colonel kept him busy with an extensive U.S. tour schedule instead. Elvis’ cousin, Billy Smith, spoke to the Elvis Information Network about his cousin’s conflict with the Colonel.

“I know that Elvis loved Colonel, but he also had resentment toward him for holding him back on certain things that he really wanted to do. One thing was to tour Europe. He talked about it many, many times, and we all looked forward to the day that happened. Unfortunately, it never came to pass.”

The fact that Elvis never toured outside of North America weighed heavy on his mind. His good friend Lamar Fike once said “The biggest disappointment for Elvis in his life was not touring outside the U.S.

Although Elvis never got the chance to go on tour in other countries, he still continues to have a strong fan base around the world, particularly in Europe. He had a wealth of number one hit songs in the UK over the course of his career, including “The Wonder of You,” which you can watch him perform below.

What are your thoughts on the reason why Elvis never toured outside of North America? 

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