Uncle Si Calls His Cat WHAT?? This Is HILARIOUS!


If you watch Duck Dynasty, you can agree that Uncle Si is quite possibly the best person ever.

His crazy antics, ridiculous sayings, and never-empty plastic cup of tea make him the most hilarious person on TV.

This past season of Duck Dynasty, we got a look into his relationship with his precious cat, Sweet Pea.

He loves Sweet Pea so much because they are very similar to one another. They both like to take naps, they both like fried fish and they both land on their feet if you drop them off the roof!

Unfortunately, Si discovers that Sweet Pea might be leading a double life.

“Lately, my little napping buddy has turned into a two timin’ heifer on me, purring like he’s met the love of his life!” he reveals in a confessional.

He accidentally leaves the door open and Sweet Pea escapes, so he and Miss Kay go looking for him.

After three hours, they give up and go back to Si’s house where they find Sweet Pea laying on the counter.

Where’d you get this toy?!” Si asks his cat, confirming his theory of Sweet Pea leading a double life.

Watch the hilarious clip below!

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