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They Put Food In His Bowl, But The Dog Doesn't Eat... Why? I'M FLOORED!

They Put Food In His Bowl, But The Dog Doesn't Eat... Why? I'M FLOORED! | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: YouTube/Chris Credendino

At the Credendino household, acknowledging their blessings and saying Grace before a meal is a staple. 

Impressively, this is also true for their young puppy, Kahlua. 

Kahlua was born on Christmas Day in 2015 and is still learning the ways of life, but there is one thing this cuddly pup has already mastered: thanking the Lord. 

When Kahlua's owner, Chris Credendino feeds his puppy dinner, they both get on their hands and knees (and paws) to say their thanks to God before the meal. 

"Let's pray," says Credendino, kneeling after pouring some food into Kahlua's bowl. 

Then, the youngster lays down in front of his bowl with his feet outstretched in front while Credendino says the prayer. 

Kahlua obviously understands what "Amen" signifies and dives into his blessed meal following the prayer. 

Watch this heartwarming video below with the praying puppy! It's sure to put a smile on your face! 

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