Dolly Parton Reveals Why She Needs Her Husband

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Dolly Had A Great Relationship To Look Up To

Growing up, Dolly Parton had two great role models in her life who showed her the meaning of true love.

Parton’s parents, Robert and Avie Lee Parton, may not have been the prince and princess of fairytales, in fact, they were far from it. They raised their 12 children in a tiny cabin in Tennessee and worked hard for what they had, and created a beautiful love story in the process. 

Parton always admired the love her parents shared, which is why she was happy to share it with her fans through her hit television movie, Coat of Many Colors.

Coat Of Many Colors Trailer Official

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Posted by Dolly Parton on Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Now, over 50 years into her marriage with her husband, Carl Dean, Parton continues to remember the powerful love her parents had.

My momma never loved anybody else but my daddy in her whole life. I don’t think he loved anybody else but her,” Parton told CBN News. “They were good parents — but their love story was beautiful.

Parton and Dean’s love story is just as incredible.

How The Beloved Dolly Met Love Of Her Life

After more than half a century together, Dean has managed to stay almost completely out of the spotlight, despite being married to a global phenomenon. Although their personalities are drastically different, Parton knows that Dean is the perfect one for her.

I think my husband and my relationship was just really a God-send, God knew I was going to need somebody like him if I was going to be doing all this crazy stuff. But He knew he was going to need somebody like me because Carl is pretty much a loner and he really doesn’t want to be with anybody but me.”

Even though Parton and Dean are different as night and day, she has no doubt in her mind that he is the one for her. According to the way she talks about him, we’d have to agree!

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