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Heidi Feek's Haunting Rendition Of 'Heartbreak Hotel' Will Leave You Speechless

Joey + rory Songs | Heidi Feek's Haunting Rendition Of 'Heartbreak Hotel' Will Leave You Speechless | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: BBC

As Joey + Rory's daughter, no one in the music industry is surprised that Heidi Feek is a talented singer with a beautiful voice. But what did come as a surprise to the country community in particular is how different Heidi's musical style is from her traditional country parents. 

Before Joey + Rory were married, and while Rory was making his way as a songwriter as Nashville, Heidi and her sister, Hopie, travelled along with him. As a result, Heidi was exposed to some of the greatest country music there was, and her love for the genre runs deep.

However, Heidi's own musical style leans a bit toward the R&B and blues side of things, and she has no intentions of singing the traditional country music that made Joey + Rory famous. Still, the country community has thrown itself behind Heidi, and has been a huge source of support for her as she's gone on to chase her own dreams of becoming an artist.

Heidi released her debut solo album, The Only, in 2013, and Nashville started buzzing about it almost overnight. As the interest in her parents' music grew, so did the interest in Heidi's, which she is incredibly grateful for.

"Sometimes, the lady who runs their [Joey+Rory] Facebook will post about my new video and ask people to check it out, which is really nice because they have such a large fan base," Heidi said during an interview with Billboard

Although Heidi does not record traditional country, she says her music is still influenced by the country greats she grew up listening to, including Willie Nelson and Marty Robbins. But for Heidi, there was always on artist who inspired her more than anyone else.

"Elvis was always the standard." Heidi said.

Heidi's love for Elvis shines through in a haunting cover of The King's smash hit "Heartbreak Hotel," which she included as a track on The Only. As CMT explained, by placing the song in minor, she managed to pay tribute to a legendary song while making it completely her own.

The second Heidi opens her mouth to sing, it's like a wave of sound from a whole other era. Vocally, she stands out from any other artist that's out there at this time, and serves as the perfect blend between blues, R&B, and country.

Heidi's official music video for "Heartbreak Hotel" is equally chill-inducing, featuring dark images and a floating figure that appears to be a ghost. The video only adds further to the haunting nature of her rendition, which makes it seem like a whole new song.

You can watch the official music video prepared to be blown away.

With a voice like that, we have no doubt that Heidi will go far! 

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