Uncle Si Reveals The 5 Rules You Need To Live By


Fans of Duck Dynasty will know that the stand-out family member of the Robertson clan HAS to be Uncle Si. 

He says some of the most outrageous things and everyone can relate to having at least one pretty crazy family member!

We have recently learned that Uncle Si is getting his own spin-off show called “Going Si-Ral”, according to nola.com. We’re sure this show will be a huge hit!

Until then, the people at Duck Dynasty have compiled a video of some of Si’s best moments and of course, some life lessons he has taught us.

1. Never Turn Down A Deal

In the episode where Miss Kay teaches Si how to coupon, he takes it a little overboard because he becomes obsessed with saving money! He even starts buying big bags of dog food because he has a coupon, even though he doesn’t have a dog!

It got too much that Kay had to leave him in the store!

2. Be A kitchen MacGyver

“I’m the MacGyver of cooking, boys! If you bring me a piece of bread, cabbage, coconut, mustard greens, pigs feet, pinecone, and a woodpecker, I will make you a good chicken pot pie.”

He also has made a grilled cheese sandwich using a lamp! 

3. Waste not, want not

Si and the guys were talking about food, which takes up most of their day, and mustard plugs were brought up. A mustard plug is the dried part of mustard that gets caught in the squirt bottle. You normally have to remove these to get the condiments to work in the squirt bottle.

Si reveals that he eats mustard plugs because he doesn’t want to waste anything! 

“It’s basically a mustard booger,” Jase so kindly points out.

4. Treat Yourself

Uncle Si does not hold back when it comes to sweets. He challenged Martin and Jase to a donut eating contest and totally kicked their butts! He says he ate over 30! 

5. Pace Yourself

One of the best episodes was when Si discovered Pixy Stix, which are pure sugar. He made his own “cocktail” where he combined the Pixy Stix with soda and mixed it together. We can’t imagine how fast he crashed!

“It’s all about moderation with these Pixy Stix,” he says. “You don’t wanna overdo it. If you do that, you’re gonna be wandering the streets looking for your next Pixy fix.”

Watch these hysterical clips from Duck Dynasty below!

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