Adorable Two-Year-Old Will Steal Your Heart With Touching Cover Of ‘Arlington’

Adorable Two-Year-Old Will Steal Your Heart With Touching Cover Of ‘Arlington’ | Country Music Videos

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Some people are born with musical talent, and for a young boy named Koty, that is certainly the case. Koty was only two years old when he picked up a guitar, stepped up to a microphone, and won over thousands with his sweet voice.

Wearing his pajamas and a pair of socks, Koty held his small guitar and started to sing along to a song country fans know well, Trace Adkins‘ “Arlington.” Released as a single in 2005, the song is portrayed through the voice of a soldier killed in the line of duty, who finds his final resting place in Arlington National Cemetery. 

With Trace’s booming voice playing in the background, Koty took a deep breath and began singing as well. Although he was young at the time, it was clear that Koty knew all of the words to the song, and he sang them with confidence.

Koty’s sweet voice adds a level of innocence to the otherwise heartbreaking song. Little Koty even strummed on the guitar as he sang, showing he has all the talents he needs to become a great country singer someday. 

This sweet boy will steal your heart away with his adorable voice and his love for Trace’s touching song. 

If Koty wants to become a country star someday, then he’s certainly learning from one of the best when it comes to Trace. After the release of his last album in 2013, Trace is preparing to drop a new album later this year. Fans are anxious to get their hands on a copy, especially following the success of its debut single “Jesus and Jones.”

Released in January, “Jesus and Jones” details the complicated inner battle a person faces between the good and bad in life. Trace has said in the past that his connection to the song is strong, and that it details the “war” he’s been in since he was a child between being more like “Jesus” or “Jones.” You can check out the song’s riveting music video below. 

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