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Horse Kept Escaping From Stall, So Owners Set Up Camera. What Was Found? No Way!

Animals Songs | Horse Kept Escaping From Stall, So Owners Set Up Camera. What Was Found? No Way! | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Rumble

The word "incredible" doesn't even begin to describe what y'all are about to see.

We all know that horses are big, amazing creatures. They are extremely smart and have even proven to be good at problem solving.

Well, this horse saw a problem that needed to be solved - she wanted to get out of her stall!

Turns out this horse is named Mariska, but has adopted a nickname of sorts. She now sometimes goes by "Houdini", and for good reason.

Apparently, Mariska felt she wasn't being fed enough, so she figured out how to open her own stall door and get her own food. 

She proves this isn't a one-time deal by opening three more stall doors immediately after "escaping" her own stall.

The video continues to show a compilation of Mariska, we mean Houdini, letting herself out of some stalls and into other ones where all the food is. 

It seems food is her primary inspiration for opening these doors, and we don't blame her!

Watch the incredible video below!

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