Blake Shelton’s Passionate ‘I Need My Girl’ Will Have Y’all Begging For More


This heart-wrenching country ballad sounds perfect with crooner Blake Shelton at the helm, pouring his heart and soul into it with every single word.

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Posted by Blake Shelton on Thursday, 8 February 2018

First released on his 2014 studio album, Bringing Back the Sunshine, Shelton’s powerful anthem showing how much a man needs the love of his life rocked fans’ hearts with its incredibly relatable story.

Blake Shelton – ''Bringing Back The Sunshine''Also on Coverlandia:…

Posted by Valentine Thomas Artworks on Sunday, 16 November 2014

“I Need My Girl” is the ballad of a man singing to his beloved, explaining how much he needs to have her in his life. With amazing description, he reveals just what she means to him.

“I need you, ninety miles an hour down the interstate
Headlights shining in the driveway
In my arms, and I need you right now
I don’t need nothing else, baby, in this world
I just need my girl”


Youtube / Blake Shelton

Throughout the video, you can watch as the story Shelton is singing with enormous amounts of emotion unfolds right before your eyes. It clearly draws the line in the sand between someone you could live without and someone that has captured your heart so dearly that you need them in your life.

Watch this incredible piece of country music history below…and prepare to be blown away.

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