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Blake Shelton And Martina McBride Pull On Your Heartstrings With Emotional Song "I'm Sorry"

Martina mcbride Songs | Blake Shelton And Martina McBride Pull On Your Heartstrings With Emotional Song
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Blake Shelton sure knows how to pull on our heartstrings. This time, he does it with his emotional anthem, "I'm Sorry."

With lyrics like "You say you never meant to hurt me/Well that might be true/But do you really think I should forgive you/For what you put me through," you can't help but feel sad for him and wonder who hurt him so badly! 

He teamed up with Martina McBride in 2011 for the emotional song "I'm Sorry", which is off his album Red River Blue

Red River Blue is Blake's sixth studio album, released in July 2011, which included his #1 singles "Honey Bee," and "God Gave Me You."

Blake reveals in a behind the scenes video, that he has had "I'm Sorry" in his back pocket for a while. He held on to the song for so long because he was too intimidated to record it.

He said, "The only reason I haven't cut it is because out of fear of whether I can actually perform that vocal or not. I mean it's a tough song to sing."

Once he finally decided to give it a try, he liked what he heard and felt confident he could perform this song at shows every night, except there was something missing. 

Blake, over the years, has grown close with producer John McBride, his wife Martina McBride, and their whole family. Blake has actually said that he first asked their daughter if Martina would sing on the record with him! 

"I sent John and Martina's daughter Delaney a text that said, ‘Do you think your mom would sing on my record with me?’ She said, ‘Yeah, it’s too bad you don’t have the nerve to ask her,'" Blake says.

So, after he finally got up the nerve to talk to Martina, she agreed to sing on the record with him, and he couldn't be happier! Blake mentions, "The record would not be half the record it is without her voice on it."  

Here's a short video of Blake talking about the making of "I'm Sorry."


And take a listen to the full song below!

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