Little Girl Chases Goose, Hysterical Mayhem Ensues

Little Girl Chases Goose, Hysterical Mayhem Ensues | Country Music Videos



Just a normal father-daughter bonding day at the park quickly turns into a hilarious series of unfortunate events thanks to one animal with no patience for “fowl” play. 

When a young girl spots a large goose at a lake, her father encourages her to go chase it down while he films what is to be expected a rather normal encounter. The man couldn’t have been any more wrong.

“Okay, go!” the father encourages his daughter who then takes off into a wild sprint to the other side of the lake where the large goose is resting leisurely. The young girl continues her pursuit of the goose up until the animal takes a fighting stance which then causes the girl to take off in a wild panic. 

“He’s comin’ at me!” the girl screams. “Daddy; help!” she desperately pleads during her valiant attempt for an escape before falling face first into the grass. Once his victim is subdued, the goose returns to his daily routine of lounging in the sun. The moral of the story: don’t mess with geese.  

You can watch the absolutely hilarious video below and prepare to burst. 

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